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While the use of a virtual private network is most common in the business environment, the flexibility and convenience of such connections are gradually becoming popular among regular users.

There are at least six solid reasons to surf with enabled VPN.



protection at any Wi-Fi access point


Whether you use a public hotspot in a café, restaurant, hotel, shopping center, airport, or beach, you put yourself at a huge risk.

Wi-Fi is never protected, so sniffer programs can get all the traffic you need, and then it's up to the intruder to compromise your business, take money off your credit card, or resell your personal data on the black market.

censorship and geographically blocked resources bypassing


Unfortunately, depending on the political situation in the country or the views of large companies, users have at least once had troubles in viewing or downloading the content. Geographical restrictions are imposed on movies, TV series, music, and even some videos. NETFLIX is a vivid example

As has been noted above, even the government create barriers by means of the system of prohibitions. In China, almost all social networks, popular media, search engines, and applications services are forbidden. It's possible that if you read this, you have been also affected by a ruthless reprisal system against "harmful" information.

no internet-footprints and built-in encryption


One Russian proverb says, "Innocent until proven guilty". On the other hand, you would ask why should you hide anything from anybody? However, it's not so simple, as in the 21st century, information can destroy your entire life, and both the special services, providers and, of course, the hackers know it.

The bit hunt has already started. Everyone can fall into a trap, so anyone who doesn't want to be blackmailed or threatened in the future has been using VPN for a long time already. What if data falls into the hands of the ill-wishers? There are perfect cryptographic keys in this case. They won't let hack the intercepted information. However, some VPN services neglect this point, so watch out!

savings on payment


It's a very nice bonus, as trademarks and brands set price constraints for different countries. There is one price for Norwegian residents the tickets and for Australian residents the price is different. Shopping is no exception. Study the lifehacks, the benefits are always nearby.

статический IP


An IP is an identifier of an item with an assigned number that points to a domain or gadget in a digital reality. The meaning of the Internet Protocol is that each device must have its own address. A static address, unlike the dynamic one, allows you to create a robust local area network, build a secure channel, and accomplish many other tasks, including replacing of your geographic location or increasing the information downloading speed.

As for a regular user, the advantage is an additional protection. You can restrict access by IP (leaving only your one) in the settings of your social network, an e-mail, or any other service, but afterward, the address must not be changed.



Due to various certificates and opportunities to create tunnels, this service is commonly used in the business sphere. You can easily create networks for remote work of the offices that are not physically connected or use your computer desktop being on holiday thousands of kilometers away from your computer. Isn’t it convenient?


The Virtual Private Network, as you have already noticed, is a relevant and universal technology, but not an evil that crawls out of the corrupt media. Today's high-tech development is already a guarantor of security and a real armor from the realities of the modern world. Anyway, the choice is yours...